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Welcome to the Official Website for
Great Western Lacrosse.

 We are dedicated to the education and training of student athletes 
 in the sport of lacrosse. We are the original West coast training
 entity, founded in 1984, and continue to strive to be the best place
 for your son to learn the greatest game on the planet!

 We have something for everyone. We teach all levels, all
 positions, all year, from the Pee Wee beginner to the HS Elite
 Collegiate Recruit, and everything in between.

 We also have Warhawk travel teams at the HS and MS levels.

 Click on the Golden Icons to the left for the program or service
 you need. Take some time and navigate our site, if you still have
 questions, please don't hesitate to call us.

 Don't miss out on our quality lacrosse experiences!

 Great Western Hotline: ( 8 5 8 )
8 8 3 - 2 4 9 1

Sincerely,  Russ Olsen



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