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No Refunds After 8/31

Established in 1994

Our 30th Annual Fall Indoor League Session begins on

September 7th and ends on October 27th, 2024.


We have two leagues.

Middle School - Grades 5-8 (4th graders on condition)

High School - Grades 9-12

These leagues are no body check leagues.


Game Dates are set for 2024. Click on 2024 SCHEDULE above.


We play a 6 vs 6 format (5 Field Players and 1 Goalie). Goalies play normal but with an
extra chest pad (provided). We play indoor lacrosse which is field lacrosse with modified

rules in a rink. The rink is outdoors. There is no body checking allowed. We play on

Nike turf. We supply the coaches for your team.
All players and coaches MUST be members of US Lacrosse.

To see the rules, click here: Indoor Rules

This fee includes a team jersey, referee fees, field rental, low-bounce balls,

coaching stipends, statistics, website and field equipment.

All Parents & Players 17 years of age and older, coming to the Poway Sportsplex

will be required by the Poway Sportsplex to pay a $5.00 entry fee.

It is for security reasons and you will get a drink token to redeem on site.
There is no way around this so plan accordingly.

I guess it's a one drink minimum to watch a game.

All players must be members of USA Lacrosse with an expiration date

of 10/31/2024 or later. You cannot participate without this membership.

To get a membership or renew your membership Click Here

All games will be played at the Poway Sportsplex. 

12349 McIvers Court, Poway, CA 92064. Click here for driving directions.

Games are run in 25 minute, running time halves with a 5 minute half time.

In the event of a tie, a 2 minute, sudden death period is played.

Still a tie, a Braveheart. As games run back to back, all players must don

their equipment outside the bench area next to the rink, NOT in the bench areas.

It is imperative that you show up at least 30 minutes prior to your game.


All penalties are 2:00 in length and are release when time expires.
More Serious penalties like boarding, body checking, maligning, etc.,

are 5:00 in length. Expulsion fouls are 7:00 in length for fighting and ejection

from the league. On a players 3rd penalty, he fouls out of the game but can play

in subsequent games. Foul out of 2 games and you get a three game suspension.

2:00 penalties count as one. 5:00 penalties count as two. and 7:00 penalties count as three. 

All players will be assigned to a team. Teams are put together depending on the number of players coming from a particular area/school. The maximum number of players allowed on a team is 18 and 1 Goalie. The minimum allowed is 15 and 1 Goalie. If a team is short,

Single players or small groups of players from a school will be added to a team that is short of players. Free Agents will form a free agent team if needed. Teams may be split to keep parity should one team dominating in games.
To find out what team you are on, click on "INDOOR TEAMS", on or after September 5th, 2022.

Awards will be given on Championship Day. You will need to be present to take home an actual award. All-County Teams will be honored too. You must play in at least 6 games prior to Championship day to be eligible for awards. To get the actual, physical award you must be present.
If you are not in attendance on Championship day, you will honored in the record/award books but you will not be sent a trophy/medal.

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