The Shooting Camp is an intensive training session for the art of shooting. 

We accept both overnight and day campers in grades 4th thru 11th (grade finished in June). Our Shooting Camp teaches all aspects of shooting... set shooting, shooting on the run, different types of shooting, technique, no angle shooting, etc. This Camp is for Attackmen and Midfielders who want to improve there shooting technique, shot speed, shot on the run, learn new shots and when to use them and get a grasp on how to improve their shots moving forward.



Our Defense Camp is a solid camp and very popular with defensemen and long stick midfielders. The focus of this camp is on intensive, instructional techniques of individual & team defense. Here you will learn several different checks and holds & when to use them. Intense focus on footwork, drop stepping and agility. We touch on cummunication, angles andworking with and being directed by goalies. We also work on how and when to slide within slide packages. We accept both overnight and day campers in grades 4th thru 11th (grade finished in June).


The face-off Camp is one of our newer camp but we have turned it into the best place to learn the position. Its focus is on intensive instructional techniques of the face-off. You will learn several different face-off moves, when to use them and what to do after you win/lose the draw. We touch on wing play and communicating with them just prior to the face-off. Space is limited in this camp as we only accept four face-off campers in grades 4th thru 8th and four face-off campers in grades 9th thru 11th.


SUMMER CAMPS - July 21st to 26th, 2020


The Goalie Camp is one of our most popular camps. We sell out every year. We accept a limited amount of goalies in this camp so they have a lower coach to camper ratio and get ample time in the cage. We accept four goalies in grades 4th thru 8th and four goalies in grades 9th thru 11th (grades finished in June). Our Goalie Camp is the finest around and our coaches in this camp are top notch. If you wish to go to goalie camp, we suggest you register between January and March or you may miss it.


Our newest camp is our Beginner Camp.

If you wish to learn the proper fundamentals and mechanics of throwing, catching, scooping, cradling and defense, we suggest you register for the Beginner Camp. This camp is for players who have never played before or struggle with the stick skills in their first year of play. We accept all ages in this camp. We have two of the best fundamental teachers of lacrosse skills for this camp. If you want to learn correctly, take a chance with us.



Our Teaching Camp is the flag ship of all our summer programs. It is the original West Coast Lacrosse Camp and has eveerything you need to learn the skills of lacrosse. This camp is an intensive teaching camp geared to improve your fundamentals, individual and team skills. We teach all levels, from total beginner, to the college recruit. Try one of our specialty camps to learn specific spositional skills and the Teaching Camp is included.