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38th Annual


July 19 - 23. 2023

Cal State University, San Marcos

Choose from Six Camps

Shooting Camp
Face-Off Camp
Goalie Camp
Defense Camp
Beginner Camp
Teaching Camp




Tournament Team Opportunities

Winter Teams & Summer Teams

JV Level - Grades 9 &10
Middle School Level - Grades 7 & 8

Junior Level - Grades 5 & 6

Minimal Time Commitment

10 Practices & 2 Tournaments
2 week time commitment so you can have summer vacation.



The Shooting Camp is one of our most fun camps. We accept both overnight and day campers in grades 4th thru 11th (grade finished in June).

Our Shooting Camp is an intensive instructional Camp focused on the art of shooting.

This Camp is for Attackmen and Midfielders who want to improve there shooting technique, shot speed, shooting on the run, learn new shots and when to use them and drills to practice them.


The Defense Camp is our most important camp because we believe defense wins championships. We accept both overnight and day campers in grades 4th thru 11th

(grade finished in June).


Our Defense Camp is a favorite. The focus of this camp is on intensive, instructional techniques of individual defense. Here you will learn several different checks and holds & when to use them. We teach angles of pursuit, sliding and when to go and an intense focus on footwork, drop stepping and agility.

The Face-Off Camp is an informative camp. We accept both overnight and day campers. We accept a limited amount of players in this camp. 


We accept four (4) face-off campers in grades 4th thru 8th and four (4) face-off campers in grades 9th thru 11th

(grades just finished in June).


Our Face-Off Camp is intensive. Its focus is on intensive instructional techniques of the face-off. You will learn several different moves through repetition, when to use them and what to do after you win/lose the draw.



The Goalie Camp is the best place to learn and hone goalie skills needed to be the best. We accept a limited amount of goalies in this camp. We accept four goalies in grades 5th thru 8th and four goalies in grades 9th thru 11th (grades finished in June).


Our Goalie Camp is the finest around and is the first camp to sell out every year. If you wish to go to goalie camp, we suggest you register between January and March or you may not get a space.


Our newest camp is our Beginner Camp.

If you wish to learn the proper fundamentals and mechanics of throwing, catching, scooping, cradling and defense, we suggest you register for the Beginner Camp.


This camp is for players who have never played before or struggled with the stick skills in their first year of play.

We accept all ages in this camp.

We only accept 10 players in this camp to keep the coach to camper ratio low.

This camp includes the Teaching Camp


We will not be offering this camp this summer.

We will resume this camp in the

summer of 2021



September 10 - November 6th
Grades 5th - 12th

Individual & Team registration Available


San Diego Spiders

Opportunities for players in 
Grades 6th - 10th

Winter/Summer Teams


Private 1 on 1
Partner Lessons
Small Group

Large Group


July 20th - 24th

at Cal State University,
San Marcos

6 camps to choose



Established in 1984, Great Western Lacrosse is the original lacrosse training entity in the San Diego area. We are dedicated to providing quality lacrosse education and instruction to athletes through a variety of programs for boys of any age.

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