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All of our camps are staffed with a Certified Athletic Trainer . The Trainer will be at every practice session, every meal and will be staying overnight in the dormitory. All injuries will be handled by the Trainer. Should emergency attention be required, and ambulance will be called. There is also a major Hospital with an emergency room, Palomar Hospital Escondido, 11 minutes from campus.

Our Trainer is Matthew Scanlin. He is the Head Trainer at La Costa Canyon High School in the San Diego area. Matt is currently in his 6th year with us and has been a great asset to the camp. We look forward to him being with us for years to come.

Our Trainer will also handle the water and ice for the camp. He will make sure your son is well hydrated and looked after during the week of camp.

We do not allow the Trainer or any staff members to control any medication your son may be taking. All campers must self medicate while attending camp as we will not be responsible for this. If they have trouble remembering, phone calls from you, to your boy, are much better than having us remind them, we have too much to do.

We do have two exceptions...

If your son has an inhaler, he can drop it with the trainer to hold at the Trainers Tent and pick it up at the conclusion of practice. The same goes with an EpiPen. If your son has an allergic reaction to nuts, bee stings, etc. He should have the EpiPen with him at all times.

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Certified Athletic Trainer
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